Tessitura Network Welcomes

Renée Fleming

To the Tessitura Learning & Community Conference

Renée Fleming

Keynote Speaker

One of the most beloved and celebrated musical ambassadors of our time, soprano Renée Fleming captivates audiences with her sumptuous voice and compelling stage presence. Her role as the first-ever Creative Consultant to Lyric Opera of Chicago and her work with Second City and American Voices with Renée Fleming exemplify the ground-breaking, cross-organizational, cross-discipline partnerships and collaborations that advance and strengthen the non-profit arts and culture sector as a whole. Through these projects, Ms. Fleming continues to build upon an already substantial role as a

visionary leader and cultural ambassador working to ensure that the arts and culture sector remains vibrant, innovative and relevant. Her keynote address will focus on topics for which she has long been a strong advocate - audience development, community engagement and arts education.

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Tessitura Learning & Community Conference


Tessitura Learning & Community Conference (TLCC) is a cornerstone event that highlights the unique Tessitura Network community where insights and best practices are openly shared across genres and across continents. The 15th annual Tessitura Learning & Community Conference brings together over 1,400 leaders in the arts and culture industry for four and a half days of knowledge sharing, learning, and networking.

Tessitura Software users gather from eight countries and from Tessitura’s community of over 500 organizations to explore innovative solutions, learn from other organizations’ experiences, and engage with peers about how technology can strategically support their missions.

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Tessitura's Innovator Series

From left to right: Sebastian Chan, Kelly Tweeddale, Russell Kelban, Richard Lonsdorf

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Live Stream

Tessitura's Innovator Series is an ongoing program of brief and inspiring presentations by industry innovators. We are pleased to offer the next installment live from the stage of TLCC2015, where we will hear presentations from Sebastian Chan, Director of Digital and Emerging Media, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum; Kelly Tweeddale, Executive Director, Seattle Opera; and Russell Kelban, Chief Marketing Officer, and Richard Lonsdorf, Artistic Administator, San Francisco Symphony.

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Reaching Out

Tessitura Learning & Community Conference is the place where Tessitura Software users collaborate and network with one another. While the conference is only open to members of the Tessitura Network, we invite everyone to watch the keynote and Innovator Series presentations via Livestream. 
Cannot watch the Livestream? It will be posted on the Tessitura Network YouTube channel with all the prior Innovator Series presentations.
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